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Some announcers

Hello tees,

A long time ago, I’ve added a sound system to the gamer – killing spree, first blood, etc… – and imported sounds from Unreal Tournament (although you can use Quake sounds too). A lot of games feature that, but they also bring graphical announcers with those sounds.

This afternoon, I felt like being motivated to try to implement this into Teeworlds, so I did some test and came to this result:

It really looks nice when the sound is being said in the same time as the orange thingie moves! Of course, there’s still a lot of changes to be done, for instance the announcer is taking to long to disappear after the sound ends.

This was just a test with the “Prepare to Fight” sound, but I’ll easily reproduce it for all the other announcers. I’m not completely satisfied with this announcer font (did some hacks so it looks bold), so I’m searching some badass fount to replace it. Something like this:

Please comment if you have any idea or font to suggest!

Dunely Dune.


Comments on: "Some announcers" (2)

  1. just a fan said:

    Intersting idea!
    But still, if someone wont check to use your sounds – those hard work would be useless – to be honest.
    Sorry to say so 🙂
    I will be impressed more by your choice where to put the server browser -> thumbs up!

  2. It looks nice when being announced in the same time as the sounds, but it also works for people who have disabled sounds.

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