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4.2 released!

Hello tees,

This evening, I’ve eventually released v4.2, you can find the post on the official forum here.

I’ve already got it compiled on all the platforms, so there are some direct download links:
Windows pack (.rar) – Compiled by myself
Windows pack (.zip) – Compiled by myself
Linux x86 pack (.zip) – Compiled by Kottizen
Linux x86 pack (.7z) – Compiled by Kottizen
Linux 64 bit pack (.zip) – Compiled by heinrich5991
Mac pack (.zip) – Compiled by MertenNor

I hope you’ll enjoy with that, please report bugs if you find any. Also, I’m opened to all kind of suggestions for the next version, of course. Some guys even asked me to port the gamer to 0.4 (truely!).

I’ll keep you informed of all the progress toward 4.3, you also can watch the main post on the official forum to have an overview of the changelog, what’s done, what is to do.

Dunely Dune.


Comments on: "4.2 released!" (13)

  1. just a fan said:

    I thank you for giving us a fine new version of your client!

    First question: maybe you are so proud of your karaoke-like announcements (they are good, indeed!) that a user cant turn them off, or perhaps I just dont find the switch 🙂

  2. Announcer related commands:

    cl_announcers [0/1]
    cl_announcers_shadow [0/1]


  3. just a fan said:

    Thank you for the quick reply!

    But you see what I meant some days ago about undocumented features?
    There are so many options, you couldnt make a UI switch for every single one. Maybe you will take the time to add those to your updated forum post?

  4. The number of commands you can use in f1 is just so big a documentation wouldn’t help you, because it would be too large to actually be browsed.
    I forgot to add the announcers to the settings UI, my bad.

  5. just a fan said:

    I didnt want to judge you for this 🙂

    What I wish to see is just a list with explanations for the commands available at your now introduced config file. Or is that a dynamic list, get even longer the more commands you turn on by typing in F1 console ?

  6. If you’re interested in a detailed list, you can give a look at

    You’ll find the name of the command, then the default value, then the min, then the max, then a description.

  7. just a fan said:

    I will have a look at your list – thank your for that.
    Merci Dune!

  8. NARAYAN said:

    Hi Dune,

    I downloaded the sources from the main post, but i still cannot compile for Linux 64bit, do you have a patch file for this version of Gamer ?


  9. NARAYAN said:

    Ok, i post my output, i have deleted all the files in the objs/ folder before compile.

    1000 lines of code censured

  10. Please don’t post code lines or compiler errors there, link a pastebin or a ftp, don’t just paste them here…
    Also avoid to double post 6 minutes later.

    Are you using bam 0.4?

  11. NARAYAN said:

    Ok, sry, i tought that a text file don’t make problems…

    anyways, i use bam 0.4.0, i always compiled with my OS settings and librarys, but with this version and with the version 4.1 of gamer i have this problem. I never changed my OS settings.
    But really you don’t have a patch ?

    Have you any idea about my errors ?

    Thanks so much in advance.

  12. Patch is not gonna change anything because to use the sources you need to patch them already, and I’m already giving you the full sources. I know this error is common, I just forgot how to solve it.

  13. NARAYAN said:

    I’ve fixed it…

    Just deleted the file “config.lua” on the folder !!!

    Thanks anyway and remember this fix !!!


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