Infos about development around Teeworlds, 5 days over 7

Hello tees,

Setting up a Teeworlds server in an easy way may be done in an external way to the Teeworlds client. Several unofficial sever creators have already been coded, in several languages at different success levels.
Here are few of them:

These server creators are often depreciated by the community because most of the active members on the forum have enough experience with server creating to set them up without this tool, and these are often a lot slower than using console or shortcuts if you’re used to them, it’s also more limited. These tools often have negative feedback describing it as useless.

The point being, if you come to this page and download this tool, you probably already know how to create a server – or at least know where to search for it. Having an official, simple and well-done server creator would be very useful though.

Indeed, there is nowhere you can get a real user-friendly explanation on how to deal with these config commands, and the very most of the users just copy paste random configs found on some page in the Internet. Doing such a tool wouldn’t take that much time and could really help users to create their own server without help of a friend or posting on any forum.

Dunely Dune.


Comments on: "External server creating software" (4)

  1. Jonas the Roman said:

    Will there be an internal server creator in 0.6.1?
    I think, it would be a VERY good idea.

  2. I think the same, but there won’t be any.

  3. Jonas the Roman said:

    Oh, what a pity 😦
    But it could be suggested.

  4. That’s very unlikely that there will be anything like that for 0.6.1 as no major changes can be done, the translations have already been requested and thus the ability to create new features frozen.

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