Infos about development around Teeworlds, 5 days over 7

Hello tees,

As you can see on the milestones page on github, there is no 0.6.2 planned. All the new issues are marked for 0.7.0.

The version tree is a funny pyramid:

0.6.1 was already a special case since it was not a maintenance release like all the previous 0.x.1, but really a new version coming with new features and improvements.

The fact that the next version is marked as a major one means that it will not be backwards compatible and will probably includes netcode change, new maps or tilesets. It also means that the 0.6 modifications will not be compatible with the new version and will need to be ported again.

Dunely Dune.


Comments on: "About the next official Teeworlds" (16)

  1. Tee Killa said:

    Interessting catch!

  2. Haha, really nice!
    Uh, yeah 0.7.0 will be realesed in 2012, so let me think, jeah and 0.8.0 in 2013.
    It is a message which is here hidden communicated to us that it’s true.
    Another sign for 21th December 2012! 😀

  3. Once 0.7.0 will be released, the next version number will be incoherent and that will cause an epic end of the world for non-handled exception!

    • The first teeword version, how did one of you get the idea to call the players ‘Tees’? 😀

    • I’m none of the original creators of the game, I’ve got absolutely no idea. Need to ask matricks, teetow and stuff 🙂

  4. Teelevision said:

    and then: 0.8.-1

  5. DjCaT777 said:

    Hi all. Over 21 december 2012 this game is named… World Of Tees 0.8.0! ^^

  6. MaximXGame said:

    You miss 0.5.3.

  7. Hihihi ^^ There will be probably 0.7.9 or 0.8-0.1.

    Greetings, Fifi 😉

  8. 2012 december -> Our world is taken by the tees, now its called… teeworld.

  9. so after 7.0 you guys are not making any new tw versions?!? that will probably make a LOT of people mad. 😡

  10. YES then if the world gets taken over by tees then COME ON APOCALYPSE! humanity sometimes sucks anyways. i would be pikachu skin. 😆

  11. NOOO NOOOOOOOOO you tw creators can’t just leave us!

  12. Uchiha Obito said:

    *ahem… 6.2 is released.
    sorry for that Dune ^^.

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